Further Validation of the Chronic Pain Coping Inventory

The Chronic Pain Coping Inventory (CPCI), developed to assess coping strategies targeted for change in multidisciplinary pain treatment, is a 64-item instrument that contains 8 subscales: Guarding, Resting, Asking for Assistance, Relaxation, Task Persistence, Exercising/Stretching, Coping Self-Statements, and Seeking Social Support.

The current study was undertaken to validate the CPCI among 564 veterans with a more extended history of chronic pain.

A series of hierarchical multiple regression analyses were performed with depression, pain interference, general activity level, disability, and pain severity as the criterion variables and the 8 CPCI factors as the predictor variables, controlling for pain severity and demographic variables.

This article validated the 8-factor structure of the CPCI by using a confirmatory factor analysis and a series of linear regressions. The results support the applicability and utility of the CPCI in a heterogeneous population of veterans with severe chronic pain treated in a tertiary teaching hospital.

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